ION Settles 5+ Year Investigation – No Admission or Determination of Wrongdoing

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NEWPORT BEACH, CA. (March 28, 2018) — Integrated Oncology Network Holdings, LLC (“ION”), the parent company of SightLine Health, LLC along with other SightLIne subsidiaries (”SightLine”), announced today that they have reached final agreement to end a more than 5 year investigation by the Office of Inspector General and to settle a civil litigation matter brought by a Qui Tam Whistleblower in November 2016.

The government investigation and the subsequent Whistleblower lawsuit alleged that SightLine engaged in conduct that caused the submission of false claims to the United States based on the manner in which SightLine allegedly offered and provided kickbacks in the form of investment opportunities and ownership dividends in independent, turnkey radiation oncology clinics.

Although ION disputes the DOJ’s allegations, ION elected to settle in order to avoid the cost and uncertainty of continued litigation, as well as the distraction that this investigation and litigation were having on the company.  This settlement reflects ION’s disagreement with the claims and does not include any admission or determination of any wrongdoing.

“This settlement allows ION to eliminate the cost and distraction of this matter, which has been the subject of an on-going five year old investigation into SightLine, and the SightLine management team that predates ION’s acquisition of SightLine.” stated Jeffrey Goffman, CEO of ION. “Most important, ION’s core values are cemented around conducting ourselves with integrity and in compliance with all healthcare laws and regulations as evidenced by the dedication to our existing corporate compliance program and our longstanding policies and procedures”.

Under the terms of this civil settlement, ION and SightLine will pay the United States up to $11.5 million over a period of five years, payable as $500,000 annually plus interest.  In addition, there is an additional one-time payment of $9 million at the time of a recapitalization of ION.  In addition, ION and Sightline have agreed to enter into a Corporate Integrity Agreement with the OIG, which is customary at the conclusion of these types of government healthcare investigations.  The CIA provides that the company will maintain, over a five-year term, a corporate compliance program that includes oversight, reporting, policy, screening and monitoring obligations.  Many of the requirements in the CIA have already been implemented as part of ION’s existing compliance program.

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