Hospital Partnership

Strategic Solutions

for Oncology Services

Perhaps no greater trust exists than that between a patient and their oncologist. At ION, we recognize that receiving a referral for oncology is a careful extension of that trust. We care deeply about your patient, and we will provide them with the highest level of treatment available for them. That’s why hundreds of physicians have partnered with ION. We provide world-class academic-quality treatment at our state-of-the-art facilities. We care for our patients as if they were members of our own family. And we communicate regularly with our physician partners so that they are helping their patient progress, even outside of their own clinic.

Dr. John Anderson

Physician Partner

The Freedom to Practice

We can’t be face-to-face for a person with cancer, but what we can do is clear the way for you to have the freedom to practice medicine without distraction. That is deeply fulfilling for us.


Management Expertise

Our expertise allows you to focus on the patient before you, not daily staffing issues, claims filing or accounts receivable

Alway Current

The tools to make you confident that your clinical decisions reflect the best science

Sustained Growth

Strategic guidance and financial resources that assure long-term success

Best Practices

Best in class medical and management practices, exceptional cost efficiency and financial strength

Partnership Benefits.

Because ION’s core beliefs are trust, care and communication, hundreds of independent oncologists, surgeons and other physicians have become partners in ION facilities across the U.S. ION can build a center from the ground up (de novo) or help you realign your existing facility with your local physician and hospital community. Whether you are a radiation oncologist, urologist, breast surgeon, medical oncologist or primary care physician, we will help you understand the business of oncology through our monthly reports and meetings.

Greater patient access and satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is essential in today’s competitive environment. Additional points of access bring patient centric care into the community.

Patient Care Coordination

In addition to supporting the physician’s oncology service line, ION’s physician network coordinates ancillary services, including imaging, surgery, laboratory work and more.

Expertise in radiation & medical oncology

In addition to development expertise, ION provides complete radiation and medical oncology management. Revenue cycle, compliance, marketing, and general operations are available to the physician and their practice.

Investment conserves valuable capital

With the challenges hospitals face and the competing requirements for capital, ION co-invests as a minority partner with hospitals in growth opportunities.

Oncology footprint expansion

ION's existing centers can augment the hospital’s existing radiation and medical oncology network. ION can co-develop additional sites with the hospital.

Becoming an ION Partner

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